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Terms and Privacy Policy

Atrivo AB reserves the right to update and change the Terms and Privacy Policy from time to time without notice. You can review the most current version of the Terms and Privacy Policy at any time here.


Atrivo Facebook Applications

Atrivo AB Facebook Applications does not collect or store any Facebook user information such as userIDs or email addresses etc.

Atrivo AB does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for Hyperlinks to external web sites or the content or functionality of external web sites which are not operated or controlled by Atrivo AB


Our Facebook rules

Consider this

• All entries are public documents and may be registered as received.
• Never give out personal information such as passwords, addresses, or account numbers.
• If someone other than Atrivo AB answers a question we are not responsible for the post.
• If you choose to like the page you agree to receive our posts in your own feed. However, you can at any time choose to stop like the page or hide individual or all posts.

We will delete this type of posts

• Posts that contain sensitive personal information such as passwords and account numbers.
• Posts that are offensive, hateful or violate individuals' privacy.
• Posts that contain insults or threats to a person or organization.
• Posts that violate Swedish law.
• Posts that are written for marketing purposes.
• Posts that are irrelevant to the page's topic.
• Posts that may violate Facebook's own rules.